Mission Statement: Ensuring a high level of learning for every student.

Putnam County Middle School is dedicated to delivering quality education in response to the needs of the community.  We will strive to support and promote student accomplishment and advancement by putting educational goals first at all times. We will implement high performance standards; a positive attitude toward change; and a challenging environment which promotes pride, creativity, and accomplishment.

Vision Statement: Putnam County middle School will become a high performing school where every student exceeds standards.

Putnam County Board of Education Goals

The Putnam County Board of Education operates under 5 goals:

  • GOAL ONE: To ensure high levels of performance for all students in Putnam County.
  • GOAL TWO:  Align system expenditures with improved student performance.
  • GOAL THREE: Develop leadership capacity in all staff .
  • GOAL FOUR:  Provide educationally appropriate facilities supportive of learning.
  • GOAL FIVE:  Actively engage parents and community in the educational process.